Foods from Yamaguchi Prefecture

ロゴ Yamaguchi Prefecture is located on the westernmost end of Honshu, the largest of Japan’s four main islands. As its three sides are surrounded by the Sea of Japan, the Seto Inland Sea, and the Kanmon Strait, it is famous for being rich in marine products. Shimonoseki City in particular has many excellent fishing grounds and historically, the city has been actively engaged in fisheries and fishery processing industries. Hagi City is also close to a fishing ground and is famous for its excellent freshness of marine products.

Why is fish from Yamaguchi Prefecture so delicious?

The Sea of Japan off the coast of Yamaguchi prefecture is home to many islands and natural reefs. The natural reef called “rapid” or”rock reef”is a bank on the sea floor. This area is rich in plankton due to the strong currents, and the many undulating reefs are a good habitat for fish. The fish have plenty of fat, because there is an abundance of good quality food.

Overview of Fresh Foods

Nodoguro (Blackthroat Seaperch)

Its flesh is called “fatty white flesh.” It is so juicy and so rich in fine fat that the fat drips down while grilling. The flesh is firm, but at the same time, it melts in your mouth taking you by surprise. It is unbelievably juicy and delicious.

Longtooth Grouper

The flesh of Longtooth Grouper is very firm and tasty. It accumulates fat in winter. The sweetness and juiciness of fine fat increase to bring out the delicate taste which is the biggest selling point for this fish. In recent years, steady amounts of Longtooth Grouper are being caught in the Shimonoseki offshore area.

Amadai (Tilefish)

Yamaguchi Amadai (Tilefish) is highly valued as a high-quality fish as it is very fresh due to its fishing ground being close to the land. We recommend eating it raw as sashimi to enjoy its sweet flesh as its name suggests. It can also be grilled with salt or Saikyo miso.

Slipper Lobster

Slipper Lobster is one of the luxury items caught in the area along the coast of the Sea of Japan from Kyushu to Shimane Prefecture. The flesh of Slipper Lobster is sheer translucent, and it tastes sweeter than Ise Ebi (Japanese Lobster). It can be served raw as sashimi, or be salt-boiled, sake-steamed, and be used in many other dishes.


Shimonoseki Fishing Port has the best haul of monkfish in all of Japan. The liver is called the foie-gras of the sea. It gets larger in winter which is the best season to eat it. Monkfish has great effects on “beauty and health” as it is very rich in collagen, Vitamins E, D, and A—nutritional components to help make the skin beautiful and fight against aging.

Spanish Mackerel

Spanish Mackerel is a white flesh fish with delicate taste. Spanish Mackerel in winter is called “Kan Sawara (Winter Spanish Mackerel).” It accumulates fat, and the sweetness of the flesh increases. If it is fresh, you can enjoy its juiciness as sashimi. It can also be Teriyaki-grilled (sweet soy sauce-glazed), grilled with salt, tempura fried, or fried. It doesn’t have any strong or distinct flavor, so it can be used for a wide variety of dishes.

*Available fish species vary from company to company.
Overview of Processed Foods

Shimonoseki Nodoguro (Blackthroat Seaperch) Fillet
Morimoto Fishery Group

Nodoguro (Blackthroat Seaperch) caught in the season when the fat level reaches its maximum is processed into fillets that are simple to prepare. It can be cooked as good as fresh fish.
Retail price: 2,400 yen (tax excluded), Quantity: 20 pieces, Best-before date: 3 days after thawing

Non-alcoholic and non-pork products manufactured at HACCP (US and EU) certified factories. It can be used for pasta, bread, pizza, onigiri, etc.
Retail price: for professional use only, Quantity: 500 g, Best-before date: 365 days (in frozen state)

Natural Red Sea Bream Fillets to be served raw as sashimi
Nihon Foods Co., Ltd.

Manufactured and 3D frozen immediately afterwards at factories managed under a HACCP system to maintain its freshness. Maintains the same level of quality as fresh fish without drips.
Retail price: 1,000 yen (tax excluded), Quantity: 200 g, Best-before date: 1 year (in frozen state)

Fried Setsukiaji Mackerel (Horse Mackerel inhabiting natural shallow rapids)
Uoken Co., Ltd.

Fried meaty and fatty Setsukiaji Mackerel, Yamaguchi’s brand fish, battered with pure bread crumbs making the outside crispy and inside fluffy. No.1 dish in our restaurant.
Retail price: 450 yen (tax excluded), Quantity: 2 fish, Best-before date: 3 days after thawing